In this episode we discuss a paper that utilized mice to see if different endurance times effected muscle hypertrophy and strength. Please forgive us for the dogs barking in the background. 

 In this episode we will discuss a paper titled “Exercise Training as a Therapeutic Approach in  First Cancer Cachexia: A Review of Potential Anti-inflammatory Effects on muscle wasting.” we will go over some definitions before diving into the research paper. Then we will discuss the paper from the research question to the discussion. Stay tuned to learn about exercise training effects on chemotherapy related cachexia.

Learn about rate of perceived exertion scales and little about Gunnar Borg. The researcher who started it all. We talk about the history of RPE and the different scales that are available for use. Olivia even gives a glimpse into her thesis work. 

We talk about new technology and a research paper about university students' motivation to exercise and wear exercise technology like a watch. 

We interview Audrey, MS, EP-C. We apologize for the sound quality our mics were not all working. 

In this episode we break down how to read a research paper. What are the components of a paper? We walk through each section and what the purposes are. Including a off the wall scenario about an ice cream cone...you'll find out when you listen. Olivia will discuss her personal tips and tricks when reading a paper. 

This episode is an introduction to who and what the Exercise Science TLDR podcast is all about. You'll get to know the hosts' and what our goals are for the show. Listen now to learn more. 


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